May 23, 2016



Liberate for Life!

Jennifer Rowley works one-on-one with older adults ready for big change. Transformation isn’t always easy but it’s possible when you commit to yourself. And that’s where Jennifer comes in. As your impartial advocate, guide, and cheerleader, she helps you make positive changes that last and create a life you love.

In the process, you’ll:

  • Reclaim Your Power
    • get clear about your desires
    • align actions with intentions
    • set boundaries in all areas of your life
  • Rediscover Your Passion
    • remember what you love
    • explore, experiment and unfold
    • restructure your routine
  • Rebirth Your Best Self
    • embrace authenticity
    • regain self-confidence
    • speak your truth
    • live life on your terms

Each session consists of a 60-minute call. Accountability exercises and email follow-up keep you on track and improving. Strength-based tools boost your confidence and self-esteem.

You’ll have the one-one-one support you need to leap into a new life and the flow is tailored to your vision, your values, and your life.

Freedom is calling. Are you ready?

If so, we’ll design a program that best matches your needs, availability, and budget. Jennifer works in central Tucson and globally via phone/Skype/What’sApp.

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“After two days of spinning myself up, I decided to contact Jennifer to see if she could help. I was really down in the dumps, lost contact with myself, with hope, and with my daughter. I was truly lost. During our session, not only were my spirits lifted but I was filled with hope, joy, and confidence. We are both refueled with a passion to explore this world without fear and with joy. Thank you, Jennifer, thank you so much.” – Ginger H.


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