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Jennifer Rowley, founder of Fab55, helps older adults transform their lives. Join her for a conscious, active, and engaged approach to aging.
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“Intentional Retirement” helps you create a plan for life beyond work. In this 4-week class, you rediscover passion and purpose. You restructure your routine to keep yourself busy, fulfilled, and happy. Join Jennifer at OLLI-UA!

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Not sure how to find passion and purpose? Jennifer is available for one-on-one work. She’ll help you identify your goals and break though the blocks holding you back. With the right support, lasting change is possible. See the “Programs” page for details or schedule a complimentary discovery session now!

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Need an inspiring speaker? Hire Jenn to engage and ignite your audience! Wise beyond her years, she’s TED Talk material with tips and tools to help love life! Visit “About” to learn more and/or fill out the contact request below to book.

"I found myself between a rock and a hard place with few prospects for escape. But, I mustered my courage and called out for help. Thankfully the universe responded by introducing me to Jennifer, who would intensely mentor me in how to shift my thinking and start down the path of radical recovery from my physical and emotional issues. Meeting her was like taking a giant cleansing breath that renewed my confidence that everything will work out for the best." - Jason P. Stover

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Jennifer Rowley

I help people 55+ live passionate, purposeful lives. With social work experience in geriatric case management and live-in caregiving, I understand the challenges of aging and the needs that accompany them. I bring tools and techniques to reduce day-to-day worries and strategies for long-lasting, positive change. As a result, Fab55 clients live happier, more authentic lives. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from UMASS, Amherst, and earned a PhD in life overcoming advanced breast cancer. I am trained in Non-Violent Communication, certified in Matrix Energetics, and am a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Schedule a discovery session today to see how I can help!
Jennifer Rowley, Tucson, AZ


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